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Wij luisteren naar uw specifieke behoeften en bieden oplossingen op maat. Flexibiliteit staat bij ons op nummer 1.

Our word is golden: the right quality within the expected timeframe.

In addition to technical and ecological solutions, we always monitor your budget.

We continuously invest in a circular economy with innovative recycling projects.

Become part of the family: short & fast communication lines with a personal touch.

Our innovative drive

Comparative environmental assessment of R100 and Virgin Shrink Film
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Sustainable shrink film
Segers & Balcaen has the custom machinery and manufacturing experience to produce durable shrink film with regranulate on a reliable, industrial basis.
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E-commerce bags
In addition to the standard shipping bags, we can offer you e-commerce bags with a double closing strip, which makes the shipping bag perfectly resealable for possible returns.
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“Our mission is to make maximum use of sustainable plastic and thus further reduce our ecological footprint.
Gracy Ramont - Managing Director

Together we go for a cleaner

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40 million euros

60 years

370 mln. running meters of extrusion
220 mln. running meters of printed film
62 mln. bags